FlamePost FAQ's

Is there a QuickStart guide to get up and running quickly?

Yes, follow these steps:

  1. From the dashboard, click 'Add Social Network' to add one of your social networks to manage.
    You will see your social account appear on the dashboard.
  2. If you add either LinkedIn or Facebook then click the 'Post Locations' button to add all the company pages, groups etc you want to post on.
  3. Click the cog settings icon (bottom right of the social account you have added). A pop up box appears. Set the posting frequency and times you want to post between. Do this for each social account you add.
  4. Click the Recommended button at the top of the dashboard to add posts from our list if you like.
  5. Click the 'Add Post' button at the top of the dashboard. Tip: Just add a url and FlamePost will fetch an image and title for the post. When adding posts you can choose the accounts you want to post to, and how often you want to to share the article. FlamePost only posts an article in a group once.

You're all set. FlamePost will go through your post list, posting at the frequency you set. Get ready for more social engagement.

Keep topping up your post list and your accounts will keep posting.

Is FlamePost essential for my business growth?

Without regular posting and interaction on social media it will without doubt slow your business growth and you will miss out on many opportunities. FlamePost is an essential tool allowing you to save time but still be active on social media while you are busy at work. FlamePost manages and posts onto your social accounts to keep your social customer engagement high.

How easy is it to use FlamePost?

FlamePost is very simple and quick to use, and requires no technical knowledge. You simply load FlamePost with the links, messages or content you want share, set your posting frequency and off you go. FlamePost will share your content throughout the day, keeping your accounts active and engaging.

How do I start using FlamePost?

Once you have chosen your package, simply login and you will see the dashboard. From here you can add your social accounts. Set the times your want them to post between, set the frequency you want to post at (such as one post every hour) and add some links, messages or content to your posting queue. It's as simple as that. Keep topping up your content so FlamePost can keep posting new items for you.

Does FlamePost recommend articles for me to post?

If you don't have much content of your own, simply use the FlamePost recommendations and post them, they are category based. Please check the recommendations often as we always add great new articles.

How often will it post a particular article?

You decide when you add the post, it's your choice.

What social networks can I post on?

At the moment you can use FlamePost to post onto: LinkedIn Personal Timelines, LinkedIn Company Page Timelines, LinkedIn Groups (Max 10) at a time, Twitter, Facebook Personal Timelines, Facebook Pages. We are working on adding Google+, WorkProfile and a bunch of others as soon as we can.

What is Professional Content Posting?

Professional Content Posting is not common in all bulk scheduling platforms. FlamePost allows you to add more words to your post to networks such as LinkedIn and Facebook which have a bigger character allowance than twitter. This means your posts look better on each social network.

Can I see images in my posts?

Yes, FlamePost has an amazing image gallery feature. Upload images and reuse them. Its quick and very cool.

Can I suggest features?

Yes, just use the 'Feedback/Wish-list form and send us any comments or feature requests. We would love to hear from you and help you get the best out of FlamePost for your needs.

How does the FREE Trial work?

Register for the free account on the website to use a basic version of FlamePost free. If you want to add more social accounts you need to upgrade, it's easy to do from the 'My Account' settings.

Can I upgrade?

Yes you can. If you want to upgrade, it's really quick and easy to do from the 'My Account' settings.